Physical Therapy

Healing the Body

Every patient is evaluated, given a physical therapy diagnosis, and treated individually to help maximize your goals and function. Whether you rolled your ankle in practice or have had knee pain for 20 years, I am here to help. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I have experience with acute injuries of all joints, muscles, and nerves, chronic pain treatment, vertigo/vestibular dysfunctions, balance deficits, and overall muscle strengthening. My interventions include several types of manual therapy: deep tissue massage, cross-friction massage, and myofascial release, along with specific exercise for strengthening and stretching.

Physical Therapy Services

YOU are the Priority

I treat each patient as an individual and will help you reach your maximal function and improve your quality of life. To ensure that you are a priority, each session will be ONE-ON-ONE and you are guaranteed to work with me every session for 45-60 minutes. We live in a busy world today, and that is why I will treat you as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get back to your normal life.

Personalized Workout Plans

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I am a movement expert for the human body. Reach out to me with your goals, time you want to dedicate to working out, equipment you have available, and exercises you enjoy/despise. I will take this information and provide a month of workouts made just for you!  Injury prevention is a major part of my degree, and with this program we can encourage healthy muscle strength and range of motion to decrease your chance of an injury.

St Mary's P.A.

Be Transformed has a 24 cancellation policy; patients will be required to give a credit card authorization over the phone in order to book an appointment.

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